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West Midlands Safari Park elephant ‘takes selfie’ with dropped mobile phone

Scott Brierley said he thought Latabe the elephant had mistaken his mobile phone for food

A safari park elephant took a selfie on a visitor’s phone when he dropped it, it has been claimed.

Scott Brierley, 23, said he found a photo of African elephant Latabe on his phone after it was returned to him by keepers at West Midlands Safari Park, near Bewdley in Worcestershire.

Head keeper Andy Plumb said the picture was a first for the park.

Mr Brierley said he believed it was the world’s first “elfie” – or elephant selfie.

He said he was ordered to stay inside his car after his phone fell to the ground while he was taking pictures of the park’s elephant enclosure.

Scott Brierley and Latabe the elephant

Mr Brierley had been taking photos in the park when he dropped his phone

Mr Brierley said he saw the 22-year-old elephant walk towards his phone but thought she had mistaken it for food.

“I really couldn’t believe when the phone came back, I pressed the centre button to check it was still working and there it was – me and my friend were in shock,” he said.

Mr Plumb said the staff at the park were “very proud” of Latabe’s apparent photography skills.

“Lots of people have dropped their phones at our park but I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said.